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Renaissance Finish Fine Art Portrait from KGS Masterpiece Portraits


For the family, the KGS Renaissance Finish celebrates the heritage of the heirloom portrait, with classical posing consistent with the best portrait paintings throughout the centuries. The details are shown with this pure photographic finish. Each portrait is a true work of art and is printed on archival canvas that can last hundreds of years. We take the photograph and use our artistry to portray you in your best light.

Masterpiece finish at our Family Portrait Studio


The KGS Masterpiece Portrait finish is a true hand-painted work of art. We combine the best of both worlds of the perfect proportions obtained with photography and the hand-painted artistry that machines cannot recreate. The brush strokes are visible and yet the subject is captured perfectly because the source is a photograph.


These painted portraits are offered in sizes 30" to 120" on the long side. They are treasures that will be celebrated within the family for generations to come.

Portraiture that accurately depicted a subject is known back to the Fayum region of Egypt, where beautiful portraits of mummies were painted on wood and placed over the face to preserve that person's memory. As humans, we have thought it was important to be

remembered visually for thousands of years.


KGS Masterpiece Studios, as a subset of KGS Studios, is dedicated to helping clients preserve their memories through timeless canvas heirloom wall portraits. In today's camera phone world, many people have forgotten how important this process is and how it fits in the continuum of life. 


We understand our role and take it seriously. Our studio is built around respect, generosity, and gratitude. We have refined every step of our process so that you can commission a portrait

that is worthy of your good name and is worth passing down to future generations.


Thank you for considering us in this most important endeavor.


Kevin G Saunders, President

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