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Heirloom Portrait with Custom Frame

We offer the highest quality custom, closed corner frames to complement your portrait. These handcrafted, gold leaf frames have enhanced the world’s best portraits for hundreds of years.


In addition, we offer a custom, hand engraved, 22 ct. gold leaf nameplate and a custom sized frame light to illuminate your work of art properly. These are complimentary on portraits 30" and larger.


Your portrait will hang on your wall with the same elegance and attention to detail as the original paintings of the Masters found in great museums around the world.


While we find that portraits like this are so timeless that most people choose a traditional gold frame, we do have contemporary frames and offer custom finishes on our frames as well.



Family Portrait with Custom Frame


Our largest 6" frame, suitable for portraits over 30".

Red Carpet Portrait with Custom Frame


Our best Baroque frame for larger portraits up to 36" x 48". It is a 6" frame.

Child's Portrait with Custom Frame


One of our best traditional frames for larger portraits. Understated,

yet elegant. This is a 5" frame.

Heirloom Portrait with Custom Frame


The Westminster is similar to our Windsor in the 5" Traditional series but is simpler and more understated.

Heirloom Portrait with Custom Frame


We offer the Bristol without corner ornamentation and the Bristol 2 as shown, with ornamentation. It is a 4" frame and is suitable for portraits as small as 20 x 24.

Heirloom Portrait with Custom Frame


The Deco is more contemporary and still is a beautiful, timeless, 4" frame. 

Heirloom Portrait with Custom Frame


The Milano is our 3" custom frame that works from 8 x 10 up to 24 x 30. It is our most understated custom frame.

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