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Why do we have a dress code? Our approach to portraits at this level is to help you create an heirloom that will stand the test of time. Styles come and go and for many, this becomes the most elegant portrait they will possess in a lifetime.


We ask that you put some thought into your attire so when we meet you and the magic happens, it exceeds your expectations. Our portraits render as paintings and our Masterpiece Finish is, in fact, hand-painted, so we are continuing the tradition of portrait artists for the last few hundred years in how we compose and produce your own portrait. 

With this in mind, look at some tips and hints below and please contact us with any questions as we are here to help you! These are not hard and fast rules, so plan on looking like you want others to perceive you in future generations.

Please try on your outfits before the session and if they need alterations, consider having them done by our friends at Wah Tee Tailoring. Wah Tee is amazing and they can make a huge difference in the outcome of your portraits for a very reasonable price. They can hit a deadline too!

Damon's Red Carpet Portrait


Men look best in a Tuxedo, suit or dark jacket, dress shirt, tie, and trousers. If you have gained or lost weight, consider getting the jacket altered, so it fits well. Tight fitting clothing is a guaranteed way to look uncomfortable. A one-week-old haircut is perfect. Think timeless and "Sunday Best." A white or blue shirt and your best tie round things out nicely.

Heirloom High-End Portrait


What works best is your best dress or gown with sleeves (short or long sleeves). Think of the color that speaks to you! If you want to rock a colorful gown, go for it. Black can work, but it needs some structure or accessories to photograph well. Little or no pattern is preferred.  Classic Jewelry such as diamonds, pearls, etc. are encouraged.


Nails should be done in a french manicure or in natural colors. Your hair and makeup should reflect you

at your best.

This is where you have control over how you will be remembered in 20, 40, or 100 years. Contact us

 with questions!

Young Lady's formal Family Portrait


Think of outfits that are flattering and timeless and the best that you can get given your own situation. Colors can work very well so think of the concept of "you" and your children will have "their" look memorialized for generations. Nails should be done in a french manicure or in natural colors. Less is more regarding jewelry.

Two brother's Family Portrait


Young men can dress the same as men, or a solid dark sweater. Ties and jackets make young men look elegant and timeless. 

Pets welcome for our Family Portraits


Pets are people too! We love it when you want to include your pet so we only have a few rules. If your pet is well behaved and can handle the stimulation of the studio lights and meeting new people, fantastic. 

Have them groomed and bring treats and please be self-contained with all of their needs such as water bowls, grooming brushes, etc. 

We love service animals and they get our greatest respect.



What days do you schedule portrait sessions?

We schedule sessions Wednesday through Saturday with special occasions on Sunday, and the weekends are typically our busiest time.


Tell me about your Reservation Holding Fee for booking a session?

Our policy is to charge $250 as a fully refundable reservation holding fee upon booking. You must cancel or reschedule at least 14 days prior to the session date to be eligible for a full refund. If you cancel within the 14-day time window, you will be ineligible to receive a refund. If you reschedule within the 14-day time window, your initial fee is converted into a studio credit and another $250 reservation holding fee will be charged to book your new session. Important: We must speak to you to reschedule. Email or text rescheduling is not acceptable and you are subject to losing the paid holding fee unless we speak with you. 

Do you retouch portrait images? What artistic work do you do?

All our portraits are finished beautifully with minor skin smoothing and flyaway hair removal done as a standard practice. Upgraded portraits (from the original size listed on gift certificates) include our premium artistry that includes everything from correcting clothing flaws, waist and arm slimming, removal of double chins and jowls, major skin correction, and other issues that individuals might have.


May I use my camera phone to take pictures during the session?

Please refrain from using your camera phone in our studio. We work hard to create heirlooms. The photography session is the first of a series of artistic steps to create your masterpiece. Our work is copyrighted. We only release to the world those images that have been perfected by our artists. Thank you for understanding. 


Do I get a digital file?
We sell digital files at prices appropriate for our studio, though wall portraits are our focus.
Why the Dress Code?
This is not a hard and fast rule, as we want you to be you! Consider dressing up as best you can, however. A timeless heirloom portrait will be compared to other formal portraits over the decades and we encourage people to dress in a manner that is elegant and dignified. Go ahead and prepare and do it right. You will be glad you did.


I want to do a formal family portrait and a bright red carpet look. How do I choose?

Contact us! We would either combine the looks if we have the time or schedule a second session. Since we do our work up front, there would be no "second session" fee.
Do you charge a session fee?
How many portraits can we get in a session?
We will make as many portraits as you wish in a session. For instance, we can have a full family, mom and dad, kids group and individual portraits all in the same session. The files will be kept and are available should a portrait be purchased in the future. Our only limitation is time if we have someone scheduled for a session immediately after you. When you schedule, let's discuss this and we will make time for you or schedule multiple sessions.
When will my portrait be finished?
We ask for four to five months to complete your portrait. We likely will finish it much sooner.
Are frames available?
Yes. We offer a few select frames that are museum grade with closed corners. At the 30" size and larger, we add a frame light and custom 22ct gold leaf nameplate. If you purchase a frame, we guarantee all framing and if damage occurs to the portrait during the framing process, we replace it. All frames are available in many finishes so we can offer a frame that fits your decor and aesthetic. 


I have a treasured photograph I want to be turned into a canvas portrait. Can you do that?

We are unable to restore photographs and create canvas portraits from them. That is a specialty business and we respectfully ask that you seek out a photo restoration specialist. There are also legal copyright issues. We can't support in this practice without permission from the original photographer, so as a business model we must decline.

I have a photograph of my late spouse and I want to include it in a canvas portrait of me that you create in your studio. Can you do that? 

This is called compositing, where one image is combined with another. It is another specialty that we found that cannot produce satisfactory results, as we have no control over the original, and there are copyright issues as well. We can't do this to our quality standard and it is not something we can offer. Again, we respectfully must decline and only create portraits of people who come for a sitting in our studio.


I received a gift certificate from a relative. May I use it?

We are thrilled to honor gift certificates that are "re-gifted." Please note: we require the original recipient of the gift certificate to be in attendance at the session. Let us know when you schedule that someone gifted you their certificate.



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